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Asaf Guttman is a leading multimedia systems expert and successful entrepreneur in Essex County, New Jersey. Having graduated from Saint Leo University with honors, Guttman has established himself as a distinguished professional with a unique blend of scientific, engineering, design, sales, and networking abilities. Guttman's expertise and passion for multimedia led him to establish Alpha Media Tech, a cutting-edge multimedia and IT business in New York and New Jersey. As the founder and chief engineer of the enterprise, Guttman and his team are focused on providing clients with state-of-the-art solutions in multimedia systems, including engineering, design, secure video conferencing, and audiovisual technologies. His team's areas of expertise include audio, video, control, and networking tools, making them versatile in catering to commercial and residential clients.

Aside from his accomplishments in multimedia and IT, Guttman is also passionate about giving back to the community, frequently volunteering for various charitable organizations in and around Essex County. Outside his work and volunteer activities, Guttman has several hobbies and interests, such as traveling, attending Formula 1 races, collecting model race cars, and trying out new restaurants and cuisines. At Alpha Media Tech, Guttman offers a wide range of high-end electronics, control systems, software applications, and troubleshooting services for hardware and software problems, all to the requirements of their respective makers, the clients' design specifications, and industry norms. Guttman's passion for his work and dedication to serving his clients and community make him a remarkable individual and a notable figure in the industry.

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